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Eat as bring fish as possible

Stabfish.io is an io multiplayer game in which you play as a fish tasked with eating as many fish as possible. You are both the predator and the prey.

The vast ocean is designed in miniature as a survival arena. Each player participating in this battle royale game is represented by a fish. There are many different types of fish, but each one is equipped with a weapon to destroy the other fish. The more fish you kill, the bigger and stronger your fish character will be. Your ultimate goal is to become the biggest and strongest fish in this ocean. At that time, you will own the only crown and your name will be in the first place.

Your roles in Stabfish.io

The gameplay of this game is quite similar to EvoWorld.io where you are both the predator and the prey.

Being a predator

Look around and look for suitable prey. Look for prey smaller and weaker than you. You should be able to easily destroy them by attacking them with your weapon. Stab them decisively so they can't come back and take revenge on you.

As a prey

Your prey will also see you as prey. You stalk to destroy them and they are also waiting for an opportunity to destroy you. Stay calm and observe your surroundings so you can avoid their surprise attacks. Accelerate when needed.