Sushi Party

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Description of Sushi Party

Sushi Party is all ready for you to enjoy a delicious meal. Control a small snake to eat those nutritious foods and grow into the biggest snake.

Design of the game

Sushi Party offers an area with limitless delicious dishes, especially Japanese dishes such as sushi, rice balls, seafood, and more. Online players entering this game will be represented by a small snake. The task of each of these players is to control their snake to consume delicious food in all areas. The aim of this mission is to help the snake become the biggest snake and get the highest score. As a player in this game, you have the same goal as other players.

How to play

You will join this game with any online player in the world or invite your friends to join in a private playground.

Play with any online players

Like Bloxd.io, this game mode of playing with any online players is already installed by default. You just need to write your name in the name box to easily track your snake. Then, press Play to take part in the competition with other online players right away.

Play with your friends in 2-player mode

To participate in this game mode, you should pay attention to the 2P section on the home page of the game. Click on it and start playing. This mode is seen as a test of harmony between you and your friends. If one of the snakes dies, the game is over.

Notes for players to play Sushi Party

  • Direct collisions with other snakes will turn you into dishes.
  • Trap other snakes so that they indirectly collide with other snakes or yours. As a result, they will turn into treats and you can consume them.
  • Avoid incinerating waste around the area. It is not good for your snake's health if it consumes them.