Swamp Attack

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Swamp Attack is a shooting game where you make an effort to destroy those who are trying to attack your hut. Use your familiar gun to protect yourself.

Eliminate all crocodiles

You are living in a house near a large swamp. Suddenly one day, a herd of crocodiles comes and attacks you and your house. This is the house you lived and grew up in so you don't want to leave. You decide to protect the house from the attack of crocodiles at all costs. With an old but reliable gun, you sit on the steps and wait for that wave of crocodiles to appear. Shoot the deadly bullets and kill those crocodiles.

There are a total of 18 levels corresponding to 18 waves of crocodile attacks. The following attacks will be more difficult attacks because the number of crocodiles appears more and more. On average you will use 3 bullets to shoot down a crocodile. When you use up all the bullets in the gun, you will have to spend some time adding bullets. Therefore, you must pay attention and strategize to not be attacked when you run out of ammo. After 18 waves of attacks, your peaceful life will return.

Instruction to control

Are you ready to protect your beloved home? Use LEFT MOUSE to rilfe. Besides, you can change your weapon by using 123 buttons. When encountering strong crocodiles, launch super attacks using QWER.