Think To Escape

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Think To Escape is an escape game where you are in a dangerous situation and have to find a way out. Use your logic to find the hints and safely escape.

It's time to escape

In the game Think To Escape, you are placed in a dangerous situation. The game requires you to find ways to survive. For example, your house is on fire while the door is locked. You must find a way to escape to survive before the fire spreads to the entire house. Can you be safe from the dangers or die there? Let's see what you do!

Move around the area, paying attention to every detail and every object in the area for hints. You imagine the method to get out and apply it. Use your mouse to interact with in-game objects such as moving to another room, opening cabinets, or collecting objects.

Other information you might want to know

This escape game is developed and published by Phix in June 2022. Players can play this game in Web Browser on a desktop or mobile. When playing this game, many people say that you can practice your own logic. It is rated as a great escape logic game with a score of 8.5/10.