Tiny Explorer

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The adventure in Tiny Explorer

Embark on exciting adventures in Tiny Explorer now. This retro adventure game requires you to overcome many dangers o find treasure chests.

In a mysterious temple, there are many treasure chests containing gold coins. As an explorer, you must go around the temple to find these treasure chests now. You must be careful because the temple hides many dangers such as fire traps, spike traps, high walls, and so on. You can use your whip to destroy high walls along the way. If you want to overcome fire traps, you must jump as high as possible.

This game has two game modes including Level Mode and Speedrun Mode. In the Level Mode, you must complete 27 levels in order. Note that in this mode, you are allowed to play the previous levels again. In the Speedrun Mode, you also need to complete 27 levels in the shortest time. However, if you fall into traps at any level, you must start from level 1 again. Therefore, this mode is only suitable for skilled players. You should choose the Practice sub-mode to practice your skills and reflex before playing the Speedrun Mode.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move left or right.

Press an up arrow key to jump.

Press a C key to attack.

Press a R key to reload the game.