Tower Defense

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Defend your towers


Tower Defense is a strategy game about defending your territory against armies of demons. From a village to the capital of the country, be the hero of everyone.

Demons and goblins appear out of nowhere and are trying to take over the towers of your kingdom. To protect your people as well as your territory, build offensive fortresses to destroy them. You will start from a small village on the edge of the kingdom and then get closer and closer to the kingdom's capital. Defend each tower one by one and become the hero of all the people of the kingdom.

How to defend your towers

There are all 16 towers spread across the country corresponding to 16 levels that you have to go through to conquer this game. You have to capture the first tower ie level 1 to be able to move to the 2nd tower and defend it.

Monsters and goblins will move from the portal to your tower location. You will build fortresses along the way that monsters and goblins will travel. These fortresses will attack and destroy them. Killing each monster will give you some gold so you can continue building the fortress. This game requires you to use smart strategies to be able to destroy all the monsters before they reach your tower. If you enjoy playing strategy games, try playing Trap The Cat.

Tower Defense fortresses

There are 4 basic types of fortresses in this defense game including Arrow Tower, Cannon Tower, Lightning Tower, and Ice Tower.

  • Arrow Tower: This fortress will use bows and arrows to shoot arrows at monsters to destroy them.
  • Cannon Tower: The fortress shoots large stones at monsters to crush them.
  • Lightning Tower: This fortress uses the power of thunder. This power can shock and burn monsters and goblins.
  • Ice Tower: When the monsters move to the area with the ice tower, they will be petrified and you can easily eliminate them.