Tower Swap

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Tower Swap is a new puzzle defense game developed by Curtastic. In this game, you protect your tower from waves of deadly dragons by building a solid defense.

As the owner of a majestic and powerful tower, what will you do with the waves of the dragon's attack? Can you protect the tower from destruction? Play Tower Swap and let us know what your choice is.

Build a solid defense to protect your tower

To protect your tower, you must build a solid defense. You build it by matching 3 pieces of the same resource to create weapons or defense pieces. Move the pieces together until it forms 3 -pieces of the same resource and combines a new one. Take note that you only have limited swap turns. The number of swap turns is shown at the top of the screen. If you use up that number of swaps, you will not be able to move any anymore. What happened was followed by a wave of attacks from the Dragon Army. Your tower is still safe after that intense attack, you will receive 6 swaps. Continue to build your defense and keep your tower safe.

Combine resources

There are 5 basic types of resources that you will experience in this game. When you combine 3 of the same type of resources, it will create a new one. The following is the basic information about their combination.

  • Stone: You combine 3 stones to create a defensive attack tower.
  • Gunpowder: A cannon will be created when you combine 3 gunpowders.
  • Ice: 3 pieces of ice will help you create an ice wall.
  • Logs: The attack turret is the result of a combination of 3 logs.
  • Gold: Combining gold will help you get more swaps.