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What is Venge.io?

Venge.io is an online shooting game that offers intense but exciting gun battles. Immerse yourself in your breathtaking battles and strive to win.

This famous game was developed by Cem Demir a talented game developer. He is famous for his action games with deadly and dramatic fights. This game has been conceived and built for a long time. In June 2020, this first-person shooter game is officially launched. At that time, Venge.io and Bullet Force were two shooting games that stormed the gaming community. Until now, they are still on the chart of the most popular games.

Great information about Venge.io


This game has a total of 9 different weapons and they are divided into two groups: default weapons and secondary weapons.

  • Default Weapon: There are 7 types of weapons that fall into this weapon group. They are Scar, Sniper, Shotgun, Tec-9, M4, AK-47, and Desert Eagle. Each type of weapon will be most effective in each case. For example, you should use Sniper when you want to kill your opponent from a distance and you use Shotgun as your distance and your opponent are close.
  • Secondary weapons: Light Machine Gun (LMG) and Dagger are the only two weapons in this group. Light Machine Gun is a heavy weapon so when you use it, your movement speed will decrease. However, you will deal great damage to your opponent when using this weapon. Besides, Dagger is likened to Lillium's hammer when it has an unlimited number of bullets and an extremely short cooldown of 0.5 seconds. The damage this weapon deals is the greatest of all weapons.


The card represents the character's skills in this game. Each character has their own cards. Use the skills the card brings to defeat the enemy. You work hard to capture the flag that unlocks awesome skill cards and level up. Take care to use them appropriately and do not abuse them.

Venge.io owns all the basic features of the io game genre

Like Territorial io, this game belongs to the io game series and it has all the basic features that an io game usually has. Some of the basic features are as follows:

  • Signing up and logging into a game account is free and easy.
  • Play with strangers from different cultures or create a private room and invite friends to play.
  • A leaderboard is always ready for you to know the best players. Easily access their profiles and view the leaderboards of those players.
  • A bulletin board about important game information keeps players up to date with news. This enhances everyone's gaming experience of Venge.io.

How to control

  • Shoot with the left mouse button
  • Aim Down Sight with the right mouse button or shift
  • Move with WASD
  • Jump with the space bar
  • Switch Between Weapons with the scroll wheel
  • Reload with R
  • Melee attack with E
  • Throw grenade with F
  • Buy with B
  • Dance with H
  • Chat with Enter
  • Turn Cards by holding B