Voxiom io

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Voxiom io is an interesting io 3D game inspired by the classic Minecraft game. Take part with thousands of players and do what you love in this game.

Missions in the game Voxiom io

This game belongs to the first-person shooter series. With the pixel design of Minecraft, the battle royale game promises to bring you great experiences. Find out what you will do to become a winner in this game! There are two modes available in the game and each game mode has a different objective that you have to complete.

Capture The Gems mode

Your main task in this game mode is to search for Sapphire Gems. Control the character to move around to search for those stones. You may need to dig up blocks or break them during your search.

Battle Royals mode

Use your weapons to compete and destroy your opponents. Become the player with the highest score in this Voxiom io game. Always remember to look around to avoid attacks from other players.

How to control

  • Move = W,A,S,D
  • Jump = SPACE
  • Inventory = X
  • Crouch = C
  • Sprint = SHIFT
  • Map = TAB
  • Aim = MOUSE
  • Shoot = LEFT-CLICK

The attraction of this multiplayer shooting game

  • Various weapons are provided to you and they have different effects. For example, use a shovel to harvest blocks, or a gun to shoot opponents at a distance.
  • Many maps are available in the game and you will be teleported to the maps randomly.
  • Players can craft guns and blocks by upgrading the crafting system.