Warbot io

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Warbot io is a game that takes you to the world of robot battles. Control your robot and join the fierce battle with other players in this game.

Take part in battles in Warbot io

The mission in Warbot io

Each player participating in this game owns a different robot. A robot in this game is equipped with an attack feature. The task of each player is to control this robot to destroy all other robots in this game. In the top right corner of the screen there is a small map. Based on this map, you can know the positions of your opponents because a red dot in the map represents a robot. In the process of moving to search for enemies, you will encounter power stations, coins and many other interesting things. You can collect them, or add energy to become stronger.

Game control

  • Move your robot with WASD.
  • The left and right arrow keys have rotale camera function.
  • Move faster by activating the robot booster with space bar.
  • Most left click to shoot the opponent.
  • Lock or unlock the mouse camera view by right clicking.

Attractive features of the game

This game has many attractive features, so more and more players are attracted. Owning a variety of robot models, players will feel different from the rest of the players. The power-ups are also diverse and have separate useful effects. In particular, the game is designed in a 3D environment, so it always brings a realistic feeling to the player.