Who Is?

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Great information about Who Is?

Who Is? is a fun puzzle game that gives you the chance to become detective-like. Depend on the signs to find the correct answer to each question.

Give answers to puzzles

As I mentioned above, Who Is? belongs to the puzzle game genre and you will be the one to conquer this game. Act like a detective as you will pay attention to every detail in pictures or questions to find clues. Based on those suggestions to come up with answers to that puzzle. Show your puzzle skills through this game.

There are all 201 levels corresponding to 201 puzzles in this game. You start with level 1 to unlock level 2. Click on the 3-tile icon at the top of the screen to get an overview of these 201 levels. In addition, the following puzzles will have a higher difficulty than the previous levels.

Control: Use the mouse to play

Get suggestions by using your points

In case you can't find the answer to it. Get suggestions from your friends or use points to get suggestions from the system. You can get more points and unlock more hints from the system by watching a short video. Have a great time!

Developer and release date

Unico Studio which is a game development studio, is the developer and publisher of Who Is?. Created in 2020 and updated in 2023, this game brings a lot of fun for players.

Adjust sound, music, and language

It is very easy to adjust the elements of sound, music, and language like the Trap The Cat game. If you are a quiet person, you can enter the speaker icon and music note to turn them off. In addition, there are up to 18 different languages in this game. Please choose your native language to be able to experience this game best.