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About YoHoHo.io

What is YoHoHo.io?

Pirates are people who live freely in the ocean and do not obey any laws. Do you know the dream of those pirates? If you've ever watched the anime movie One Piece, you know it well. For those who don't know, these pirates always have the ambition to become the pirates who hold the greatest treasure in the world. They go on adventures from one sea to another in search of treasure. Do you want to experience their lives? YoHoHo.io is a royal battle simulation game about their journey. It is about the competition of pirates around the world to own the greatest treasure. Are you ready to become a pirate and fulfill this ambition?

Be the greatest pirate

In this game, pirates from all over the world will gather in an area where there are endless valuables such as gold coins, weapons, or treasure boxes. They compete with each other to become the owner of the most.

When participating in this game, you will be one of those pirates. Move around the area to collect doubloons to get bigger and bigger. Stealing items from pirates or other online players is also a great way to become stronger. Therefore, do not hesitate to make battles with other pirates.

Instruction to control

The mouse and keyboard are the two main things that help you control your character well. Specifically, your pirate character will move in the direction of your cursor. You move the mouse to change the direction of your cursor on the screen. Also, when you press the left mouse button, the attack mode will be activated. For the Keyboard, WASD or arrow keys will assist you to control the movement direction of your pirate character. You press the space bar if you want to attack someone or something. In particular, you can perform a special dash attack if you press the attack button longer.

Some factors you need to keep in mind when playing

  • Like Territorial Io, this game offers a multiplayer mode.
  • There is a small map on the right corner of the screen that lets you know where you are.
  • Pay attention to announcements about the coming toxic storm. Stay away from that area if you don't want to end the game early.
  • Collect gold coins and unlock new pirate characters with them.