Yokai Dungeon

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The guidelines for playing Yokai Dungeon

Yokai Dungeon is an exciting adventure game that features Japanese culture. You must defeat the ghosts in the shrine to protect the village.

In this game, you will play Tanuki who protects the village. One day, when the villagers are joining the lantern festival, the lighting strikes the shrine. Because of this lighting, the protection charm on the old jar is eliminated and all evil spirits exit the jar. They will go around the village and attack the villagers. Therefore, your mission is to save the village from these ghosts. First, you must go around to find them. As soon as you approach the ghosts, you must push the blocks or bottles toward them to defeat them. However, you also need to take caution with the attacks of the ghosts. You can revive 6 times after getting hit by the ghosts. Try not to let any ghost touch you if you do not want to lose soon. Moreover, after you destroy the bottles or murder a ghost, coins will be dropped. You must collect as many coins as possible because they can be used to buy new items that help you defeat the ghosts easily.

How to control

Press the Arrow Keys to move.

Press the Spacebar to push blocks.

Various characters in Yokai Dungeon

Besides valuable items, you can buy new characters in the shop. You can choose between 28 characters including Kitsune, Mia, Panda, Bear, Sumo, Cactus, Samurai, Skull Boi, Kappa, and so on. Each character has a distinct power. You should pay attention to their power statistics before purchasing them.