Bad Egg io

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Information of Bad Egg io

Bad Egg io is a thrilling survival game where you play as a marksman egg trying to survive a wave of chicken zombies. Kill as many zombies as you can.

The context of the Bad Egg io game

The chickens have been infected with a strange virus that turns these chickens into zombie chickens. The speed of this virus's spread is very fast, causing the number of zombie chickens to become more and more. They begin to attack living things around them. In this game, you are a marksman egg. You are being attacked by this flock of zombie chickens. You have to try to survive within 5 minutes in this survival game.

Instruction to play

Start the game, you choose your egg character and the map you want. Then the rooster will approach your egg to remove it. You will control the egg to move to locations where there are no zombie chickens and use the gun and shoot bullets toward the zombie chickens to destroy them.

When you successfully kill the zombie chicken, you will occasionally see golden eggs. It's highly recommended you collect those golden eggs. The more golden eggs you collect, the more you can unlock useful items like speed boots or weapons.

Great features of the game

  • Like Shell Shockers, this is a fun survival io game suitable for all players.
  • There are many characters and maps in the game however they need to be unlocked. Collect as many golden eggs as possible to successfully unlock characters, maps, as well as useful items.
  • Dynamic and dramatic music along with beautiful design will give you an enjoyable experience when playing this game.