Shell Shockers

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Be the best egg shooter

The survival arena in Shell Shockers is ready for everyone to show breathtaking shooting battles. Get ready to become an egg shooter in this battle royale game.

Basic information about Shell Shockers

Maybe many of you know this game because it is a famous online multiplayer game in the gaming community for many years. In addition, it still holds the top position in the list of the most popular free-shooting games. For those who do not know, this game belongs to the online battle royale genre like the Venge.io and Territorial Io games. It is about the survival gunfights of online eggs that represent online players.

Specifically, when you access this battle royale game, you will control your egg using different weapons to destroy other eggs, especially guns. Moving around the arena in search of other eggs online, and shooting them while trying to dodge their bullets are your duties. Try to kill the most egg shooters to become the shooting champion.

Instruction to control your egg shooter

Like the shooting game Bullet Force, the WASD keys will be used to control your egg character to move. Move forward, backward, left, or right to explore the arena. When meeting an opponent, you move the mouse pointer to the opponent's position and then press the left mouse button to attack. Remember that you need to be an appropriate distance away from your opponent in order to hit it. However, you should also keep a safe distance from other eggs so that you can run away in case of need.

Press Spacebar to jump to high areas or avoid enemy attacks when necessary. Also, when you are near an opponent, you can activate the egg beater to destroy it by pressing the F key. You also need to note how to change weapons, throw grenades or reload ammo. The E, Q, and R keys are the keys that activate the above functions in turn.

Interesting features that you should know

  • Teams, Free For All, Captula the Spatula, and King of the Coop are the four game modes of the game Shell Shockers. Choose the game mode you want and show off your shooting skills. Of course, experiencing all 4 game modes is always recommended.
  • Various weapons are always available. Depending on the case, you can change your weapon. For example, you use a rifle if you are far from your opponent, or you use an egg beater to attack opponents near you.
  • Design your own character to make it more cool and eye-catching. Unlock new skins and items to make your character even more appealing. Shop and Inventory sections will be the place where you can express your creativity.