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Welcome to a fast-paced casual MOBA Battle Royale game called BAPBAP. In this game, you coordinate with your teammates to become the only team left.

Some information about BAPBAP

Developer and release date

BAPBAP is an amazing game developed by the developer of the game of the same name BAPBAP. It was launched in April 2023 on major gaming platforms and websites. Later the game was updated and improved to match and help players have a better experience in June 2023.


When the new game came out, players could only play it on Steam. However, anyone can now play this game with a smart device because it has been released on a Web browser.

How to play BAPBAP

This BAPBAP game requires you to play as a team like in Shell Shockers. There are two teams blue team and red team in this game. You will be a member of one of these two teams and have the task of destroying the other members of the other team. The red and blue bars will tell you which team you are on and who your opponents are as well as who your teammates are. Unleash your character's skills to defeat your opponents and bring goals to your teammates.

To be able to accomplish the goal of destroying your opponent, it is important to know how to control your character. Control your character to move around the map using WASD. The left-click, Q, E, and Space are controls that let you use your character's abilities. Your character can also interact with objects in the game by pressing F. In addition, the right-click, V, and Y are also used to ping, emote and lock the camera.