Basket Random

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The breathtaking information of Basket Random

Welcome to Basket Random which is a fun basketball game with an attractive design and gameplay! Gain more points in each match to become the winner.

Instruction to play

This game has the same genre and purpose as the basketball sports game Basketball Stars. Trying to throw the ball into the opponent's basket and get the most points is the common goal of these two games. Then you will be the winner. However, this game has a different design and controls that few sports games have.

There are two teams playing and each team will have two members, a dunker and a defender. You will control those two members at the same time. You have to control the character trying to throw the ball into the opponent's basket while defending your basket from the opponent's ball.

The drunker is responsible for stealing the ball from the opponent's hand and throwing it into the basket so it is always in front of the defender. The defender will be responsible for being the rear to protect the basket from the opponent's ball. Join now to experience this Basket Random game.

Instruction to control

In fact, this game is quite difficult to control because you have to control two characters at the same time. However, it has extremely simple controls. Player 1 will use the W key to control his basketball characters. Meanwhile, the second player controls his characters by pressing the up arrow key.

Single-player and two-player modes

Like most online sports games, you can enjoy this game against any other player or computer in single-player mode. Or you can invite your friends to play this game with you in two-player mode. Basket Random on a web browser and an Android app is available. Have fun!