Basketball Stars

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Practice and participate in basketball matches in the Basketball Stars sports game to become the basketball champion. Are you ready to put on your sports suit?

Strive to become a basketball star

As a player who loves sports, you definitely cannot miss Basketball Stars. This game will give you the thrill of immersing yourself in thrilling and breathtaking basketball matches. Hold the ball in your hand and look at your opponent and their basket. You run, jump, and throw the ball into the basket. The game always welcomes you so what are you waiting for without becoming a basketball player right away?

With this basketball game, you will show your mastery skills in how to overtake your opponent with the ball in your hand and successfully throw the ball into the basket. In addition, the skills to block the opponent's ball that is heading toward your basket are also tested. Let's practice and become the basketball champion next season. If you love skill games, you can join Iron Snout to show off your martial arts skills.

Game modes of the Basketball Stars

One player, Two players, and Quick Match are 3 game modes of this basketball game. Let's learn about these 3 game modes. Choose one of these 3 game modes and join the matches within 2 minutes.

One player

In single-player mode, you can participate in Tournament, Random Match, or Training. The Tournament will take you to an international match where you will face off against a famous basketball player from another region. You beat them and win the champion's cup. Random Match will give you the opportunity to face any player. Finally, before competing with other basketball players, you can take a training course or practice at Training.

Two players

In two-player mode, your opponent will be your friend. Two people will perform basketball matches on the same smart device.

Quick Match

This Quick Match mode will take you to any match with any player. Control your basketball player with a mouse and computer keyboard. Pay attention to the X/L, S, and K/Z keys to throw or steal the ball, smash or block, and long throw.