Battalion Commander

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Battalion Commander is a shooting game where you take a role of a soldier whose mission is to rescue all your teammates from the enemy's lair.

Description of Battalion Commander

Like Shell Shockers, this game belongs to the kind of shooting game. The context of the game takes you to a survival battlefield between two countries. You play the role of a soldier of a country in this game. The soldiers who fought against the enemy with you have been captured by the enemy and are suffering torment. You are determined to save your companions.

How to play

You are equipped with a gun with an unlimited number of bullets. Directly entering the enemy's lair, killing the enemy with your deadly bullets, and freeing your teammates are the things you need to do in this game. However, your enemies will also not be inactive against your attack. The hands of those enemies are also equipped with deadly and dangerous guns. They will shoot you when they discover your existence in their headquarters. You avoid those attacks while killing them all. Finally, rescue teammates and become a hero.

How to control

Your soldier character will automatically fire bullets toward the enemy. Therefore, you do not need to use any controls to start the gun. The only control you have to do is control the soldier's character to move. On the desktop device, slide your mouse to move your soldier. On the mobile device, move your soldier by using your fingers.

Tips to play the shooting game

  • There are up to 100 levels in this game. Before starting the game, pay attention to the tasks of each level in the right corner of the screen to complete them and unlock the next levels.
  • Rescuing your teammates means you have more members to destroy the enemy. The more teammates you have, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Collect coins and useful items such as health boxes, and weapons to improve your chances of winning.