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The gameplay of Deeeep.io

Explore the deep sea in Deeeep.io now. Swim around to hunt for colorful dots because these dots will help you evolve into new animals and become stronger.

Do you know what there is in the deep sea? Play this game and discover the mysteries in the deep sea now. Like EvoWorld.io, this game also requires you to evolve into new animals by eating colorful dots. These dots are scattered around the sea. Therefore, you need to swim around to hunt for them. Try to consume as many colorful dots as possible to evolve into stronger animals. Moreover, the more dots you can collect, the more points you can earn. Try to gain the highest score to get a high rank on the leaderboard at the upper right of the screen. Besides, the sea is full of predators. You must stay away from them if you do not want to die soon.

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How to control

Use the mouse to navigate the way.

Hold the left mouse button to increase the speed.

All game modes in Deeeep.io

This game has four game modes which are FFA, PD, 1v1, and TFFA. In each game mode, you can experience different interesting things.

  • FFA: FFA or Free For All is the first game in which you must encounter many players from all over the world. Therefore, you must take caution with them at all times because they can attack you to eliminate you from the sea.
  • PD: PD is the abbreviation of Pearl Defense. In this game mode, you must find your enemies' pearls and bring them to your side. You will win if you can steal one or two pearls from your rivals. Besides, you also need to protect your pearls from your opponents. Note that this mode allows you to play as a team. Therefore, you should cooperate with your teammates smoothly to get a victory.
  • 1v1: In this mode, your mission is to eliminate your enemy from the sea before he does that with you.
  • TFFA: In this game mode, you can team up with other players to collect colorful dots and evolve into stronger animals.