Digdig io

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The Digdig io game is ready for you to join and show your digging skills. Win territory with other players and become the biggest character in the region.

The rules of the Digdig io game

This game is about the underground world as you and your opponents from around the world will do a battle royale underground. Your task is to dig and destroy opponents to grow. The more you dig and the more opponents you destroy, the stronger you become. However, the rule of survival in this game is that the strong eat the weak. You can only destroy opponents smaller or weaker than you. Going head-to-head with a strong enemy is a bad strategy because you will be the loser. The red areas will help your character in this game become stronger, so collect as much as possible.

How to control

Like other io games like Hole.io or Paper.io 2, the player moving the computer mouse will make your character in this game move. Sometimes you will encounter the attack of more powerful opponents than you, you hold down the left mouse button to speed up your character and run away from that deadly attack. If you want to brake and stop, hold the left mouse button. Especially, press enter to start a new more exciting competition after you die.