Doodle Jump

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Your journey in Doodle Jump

Welcome to an adventure with Doodler in Doodle Jump. Help this yellow creature reach the highest place to gain the highest possible score and evade monsters.

Jump onto the highest place

This game offers an exciting adventure like Stickman Hook. As a Doodler, your success lies in your ability to jump from one platform to another, carefully selecting your steps to reach greater heights. The game features a variety of platforms, each characterized by unique attributes. Blue, green, and white platforms await your nimble navigation, offering different functionalities and risks.

  • Blue platforms: These platforms exhibit dynamic movement, shifting from left to right or vice versa. Timing your jumps becomes crucial as you aim to land safely on these mobile platforms.
  • Green platforms: Among the platforms, these are the safest, providing stable ground for Doodler to rest upon. Utilize them strategically to plan your next move and ensure a steady ascent.
  • White platforms: Beware of these ephemeral platforms because they disappear shortly after you step on them. Quick reflexes and precise timing are essential to avoid a sudden plunge to the ground.

While ascending to great heights, Doodler must face a series of challenges that can hinder progress and jeopardize success. Monstrous creatures roam the platforms, waiting to impede your journey. Colliding with them will result in an unfortunate faint, leading to an abrupt descent to the ground. Thus, evading these menacing beings is of utmost importance. Alternatively, you can employ your shooting abilities by pressing the up arrow key to eliminate these foes and clear your path to victory.

The UFO Encounter

Amidst your daring adventure, an unexpected visitor appears. It is the UFO. This extraterrestrial vessel relentlessly pursues Doodler, seeking to abduct and disrupt your ascent. Quick reflexes and agile movements are your best defense against this formidable foe. Swiftly navigate left or right, evading the UFO's relentless chase and ensuring your continued ascent to new heights.

How to control

Use the left-right arrow keys to move left or right.

Use an up arrow key to shoot up.

All achievements of Doodle Jump

Like House of Hazards, this game also has many achievements. You must complete them.

  • Serial Springer: Jump on 3 springs in a row.
  • Super Serial Springer: Jump on 5 springs in a row.
  • Monster Bouncer: Jump on 10 monsters in one game.
  • Conflict avoider: Jump past 10 monsters in one game.
  • Sharp Shooter: Shoot 5 monsters in a row without missing.
  • Properllerhead: Wear 3 propellerheads to fly up.
  • Jetpack Rider: Collect 3 jetpacks to fly.
  • Old-fashion Jumper: Jump past 3 jetpacks without picking them up.
  • UFO abduction survivor: Survive UFO abduction.
  • Endurance Jumper: Jump 200 times on a static platform