Dreadhead Parkour

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Dreadhead Parkour is about breathtaking parkour runs in which you control Dreadhead to complete these parkour runs. Get ready to show off fascinating movements.

How to play Dreadhead Parkour

There are small lands on the ocean. There is only one road connecting one land to another. You are in the first land and are on an adventure to the last land. To get there you have to experience all the rest of the land. This adventure road is very difficult and treacherous as there are many obstacles like wooden crates, chainsaws, and many more. Have a look at the map and press the space bar or any key to conduct your journey right away.

How is your parkour ability? It will be reflected in this game. Use arrow keys to control the character to run, flip, jump, slide, perform stunts, and climb. Are you ready? You can revive to start a new race where you just died in the game by watching a short promotional video. It's a useful way for you to continue your parkour run without repeating the processes you've successfully gone through. In addition, the game Smash Karts is an interesting kart battle game on our site. Experience this game after you complete your journey in this parkour game.

Unlock new Dreadhead characters

Collecting gold coins while you perform parkour moves will help you unlock new Dreadhead characters. More than ten characters with interesting characteristics are waiting for you. For example, you need 500 gold coins to unlock the character Dreadhead who wears green. You need 1000 gold coins for your character to become a boxer. You can even watch short promotional videos to unlock other special characters like thieves, baseball players, and more.