Firestone Idle RPG

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About Firestone Idle RPG

Firestone Idle RPG is a role-playing simulator in which you and your teammates kill zombies and orbs monsters. Destroy them all and bring peace to the country.

The interesting context of Firestone Idle RPG

The powers of zombies and orbs suddenly combine to attack humans. Chaos arose throughout the kingdom. You and your teammates have the task of stopping them by destroying them. In addition, you work hard to find power gems that will help you build a strong army. After you possess a strong army, it becomes easier to bring peace to the country. Get ready to enter this breathtaking battle.

The way to play the game

Dangerous creatures are approaching you. You use your power and staff to release energy that destroys them. In the process of killing orb monsters and zombies, you realize that their strength is increasing. It's possible that this buff is firestone based. Therefore, you must quickly find the firestorm again. Seek the support of your warriors and friends. Besides that, you will also rescue many people on your journey. They will also join your team to achieve the common goal of bringing peace to their kingdom. Let's protect your country like the way you do in Tower Defense.

Game upgrade

This game is version 5.1.0. It has many changes and novelties compared to previous versions. Specifically, Storyline quests are available to the user that appear throughout the game. If you complete small tasks then you will get rewards for that one completion. In addition, Library, Exotic Merchant, and Alchemist are also added to this game for you to expand the research trees.