Gartic io

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Gartic io is an interesting multiplayer word guessing through pictures game. Let's show your drawing and guessing skills in this free online game.

Draw, Guess, and Win the Gartic io game

This game can be described simply through 3 words corresponding to 3 simple steps to experience the game. They are Draw, Guess, and Win.

  • Draw: Any player in this game will be given a word or phrase by the game system. That player is asked to draw pictures or symbols related to that word and phrase. This player also has the right to suggest words to other players.
  • Guess: When one player is in charge of drawing, the other players in the room have the task of guessing the word or phrase that the picture represents.
  • Win: The player who guesses the word or phrase correctly will be the winner. Unlike other games like Smash Karts where there is only one winner, as long as you correctly guess that mysterious word in this game, you are the winner.

Great features of Gartic io

Interact with other players

The fun game offers multiplayer mode and chat box for everyone to interact with each other. With this feature, you have the opportunity to interact with other players from all over the world right in your home.

Multi language

There are many different languages installed in this game. Normally, the game will automatically display the language in your area based on your device's location. However, you can switch languages easily.