Subway Surfer

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About Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer is a game by developers SYBO Games and Kiloo of the endless running genre. Running away from the pursuit of the guard in the subway is your goal. This is a single-player game like the Muder game. Enjoy your enjoyable time.

Run in an endless subway

This endless running game gives an interesting background when you are doing your naughty hobby in a subway. However, this hobby is not suitable for Subway and you will be fined if someone sees your behavior. Unfortunately, the security guard and his dog have seen your behavior. In order not to get caught, you must run.

In this subway, there are many interesting things like gold coins, mystery boxes, jetpacks, and more which will appear from time to time. Do not hesitate to collect them because they will work to make your escape more successful. Move dynamically by jumping, sliding down, running, etc to avoid obstacles.

Always remember that just one collision with the obstacles will put your escape on hold. The security guard will catch up with you and the escape ends here. Therefore, you are not allowed to let this happen.

Many characters in this endless runner game

Visit the Me section to choose your character from a wide range of characters like Jake, Tricky, Yutami, Lucy, and more. Each character has its own shape and characteristics. The more special the characters, the more gold coins you can spend to be able to use them.

Single Use and Upgrades in the Subway Surfers

Accessing the Shop section, you will come across Single Use and Upgrades. Single Use offers Hoverboard, Mystery Box, Score Booster, and Headstart. Besides, Upgrades provides players with Jetpacks, Super Sneakers, Coin Magnet, and Score Multiplier. There is something that requires you to spend a certain amount of coins to unlock it. The number of coins is shown right next to it. Unlock them and use their special features.