Golf Battle

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Golf Battle is a golf sports game that gives you a simulated playing field where you can play golf. Getting the ball into the target hole is your objective.

Get the ball into the target hole

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The rules of this sports simulation game are exactly the same as in real life. Your goal is to get the ball into the target hole where there is a flag. However, this game has a limited time to complete this goal. Specifically, this golf game has many different maps with different difficulties. Depending on the difficulty and complexity of that map, the game gives a certain amount of time. For example, level 1 is the level with the easiest map. The game will give you 1 minute to accomplish your goal. If time runs out but you still haven't put the ball into the hole, you lose.

Some information you have to know

How to calculate the score of this Golf Battle game

  • The sooner you put the ball into the target hole, the higher your score.
  • You will still get points even if you don't complete the goal within the allotted time. In this case, the closer your ball is to the destination, the higher your score.
  • If the ball flies out of the map, you will not get any points.

How to control the ball

Left-click on the ball and drag it back, and an arrow will appear. You release the left mouse button and the ball moves. The speed of the ball's movement depends on your pull of the ball. You also use the mouse to look around and find the target hole.