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About Granny

Enter the horror house in the Granny horror game to challenge yourself. Let's see if you can stay safe from granny's pursuit and escape from this haunted house.


You open your eyes and wake up in a dark room with dim lighting. Everything in this room is old and rotten. Look around and wonder why am I here. You open the room door and find your way out of this house. However, you realize that you have been locked in this house. You feel scared but tell yourself that you need to calm down to find the key to the house. Finding the key will help you open the exit door.

Find the key to escape from the granny's house

Moving around the house, from room to room, you discover that the house you are in is the famous granny haunted house where no one has been able to get out yet. The rumor about the scary old woman who would kill anyone who entered this house is no longer a rumor when you hear her savage laughter.

You move very gently to avoid making any noise. Limit the attention of creepy granny as little as possible. Look for signs that indicate the location of the key through items, photos, letters, and more in this house. If you are unlucky enough to encounter granny, running is your best method. In particular, during the move, you need to be aware of your behind. The creepy granny can kill you from behind like in the Murder game.

Controls of the horror game

Moving the character with WASD, and performing crouching or standing movements with the C key are the basic controls. Also, when you want to interact with something in this game like picking up an object or opening a door, you press the E key. Place the object or drop the object you are holding in your hand by pressing the spacebar.

In addition, the house has a lot of bear traps. When you see them, press the F key to remove, place, or use them. In case you encounter granny, you can choose to hide so she can't see you with the R key or attack her by clicking the left mouse button.