Hungry Shark Arena

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Hungry Shark Arena is a multiplayer survival game with an underwater setting. Become a shark and start your own growth journey by eating other fishes.

Become the biggest shark in the ocean

The multiplayer survival game provides an interesting setting where all players will transform into sharks, the most dangerous fish in the world. They will be in the same sea and have the task of striving to become the lord of that sea. By eating fish smaller than yourself to grow in strength and shape. When you become the biggest fish in the ocean, you are the lord of the ocean.

Some notes for players to play the Hungry Shark Arena game

  • This game has similar gameplay to the Hole.io game. In addition to the task of trying to become the biggest shark in the ocean, you must always remember that sharks bigger than you can kill you at any time. Therefore, be careful and always pay attention to your surroundings. Similarly, you can kill other sharks that are smaller than you to grow faster.
  • Change your shark character's name easily in the game's menu.
  • A play area will include 20 players corresponding to 20 sharks. Kill the remaining 19 sharks to become the winner.