Impostor Battle Royale

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Be the last impostor in Impostor Battle Royale

Impostor Battle Royale is a survival multiplayer game developed by Hippo Games. Transform into an Impostor with a gun in hand and join the deadly shooting war.

How to play Impostor Battle Royale

Thrilling gunfights are waiting for you! Are you ready to bet your life on this shooting battle? Become a loser with body bullets or become the winner impostor with everyone's admiration. Specifically, any 8 players in the form of Impostors which featured characters from Among Us will be teleported to a shooting battlefield. This shooting environment resembles the design of a spaceship when there are many different rooms. Move from room to room to find your opponents and take them down with your gun.

The top right corner of the screen is the map of this ship. On that map, you can see one white dot and many red dots. The white dot represents your position and the red dot represents your opponent. You can rely on this map to know the opponents are near you and move there to destroy them. In addition, there is a list of players alive in the top left corner of the screen. This list also arranges the player's position according to the other's achievements. The person who achieves the most in terms of kills or possessions will be ranked first.

How to control

Control your impostor character to move with the WASD buttons. Besides, you press the left mouse button to shoot when you want to eliminate your opponents or destroy other things.

Collect and unlock great items in this battle royale game

Like the Venge.io shooting game, you can collect and unlock many interesting and useful things in this game. The Impostor Battle Royale offers many secret boxes throughout the play area. You have to break the boxes to collect the items in them. It can be a shield that protects you from enemy lasers or bullets. It can also be guns with great destructive power. Don't hesitate to own them.