Jetpack Kiwi

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The playing rules of Jetpack Kiwi

Let's start an adventure with Kiwi in Jetpack Kiwi now. Try to complete 20 levels and defeat 5 bosses to protect the Earth from the invasion of aliens.

One day, aliens come to the Earth and destroy all cities. After watching the news about the attack of the aliens, Kiwi who is a little hero starts his adventure to save the Earth. He wears a jetpack to fly as far as possible and uses the gun to shoot down enemies. Your mission is to take control of Kiwi to fly up or down to avoid crashing into the alien along the way. Moreover, you also need to shoot down as many aliens as possible to gain many points. Note that you can revive up to five times after hitting the opponents. Besides battling with the evil aliens, you also need to collect the letters that are hidden in the boxes along the way. Destroy the boxes to pick up the letters.

How to control

Press X to choose and start the adventure.

Press the up or down arrow keys to fly up or down.

Press an X or spacebar to shoot.

Note: If you play 2-player game mode, you need to use both the keyboard and game controller.

The game modes of Jetpack Kiwi

Like House of Hazards, this game features two game modes. They are 1-player and 2-player modes. You can play the 1-Player game mode if you want to protect the Earth alone. In contrast, if you want to have fun with your friends, invite them to play the 2-Player game mode to join the plan of saving the Earth. Note that in the 2-player mode, the adventure will end if you or your friend die five times. Therefore, cooperate smoothly to protect each other and eliminate as many enemies as possible.