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Playable game modes in Kirka.io

Enter an infinite world in Kirka.io to join an exciting shootout now. Your biggest goal is to shoot down your enemies within a limited time to earn coins.

Like Venge.io, this game also has many game modes. You can choose between 7 game modes.

  • Solo: In this game mode, you must battle with only one rival. If you can eliminate your opponent in the shortest time, you will become the victor.
  • Team: This mode allows you to cooperate with other players to fight against the opposite team. You must find members of the opposite team and murder them to earn points. The team who gets the highest score within more than 7 minutes will become the winner.
  • Point: In this game mode, your mission is to run around to find the green zones. You must stand in the green zones to increase your score. One tip is to follow the green flags to navigate the position of the green zones. Besides, your opponents also want to conquer these green zones, so you must fight against them to protect your green zones.
  • Parkour: In this game mode, you must jump from one platform to another one to reach the top. In addition, you will be equipped with a knife. You should use it to attack other players and make them fall to the ground. The one who can reach the top within more than 7 minutes will become the winner.
  • Physics: This game mode also takes you to an exciting shooting battle, but your size will decrease dramatically.
  • Sabotage: In this game mode, you must participate in the fight for gems. Your objective is to destroy the gems of the other team while protecting your gems.
  • Knife Only: In the battle in this game mode, you are allowed to use only a knife. Meanwhile, guns are not allowed.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Click the right mouse button to aim your target.

Use the arrow keys to move around.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Use the mouse to look around.

Press an E key to dash.