Marbles Garden

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Marbles Garden is a free puzzle and tower defense game in which your task is to destroy all marbles. Don't let those marbles get into your tower.

How the Marbles Garden game works

You own a tower and it is in danger when monsters are trying to invade and destroy your tower. These monsters push deadly marbles into your tower to fulfill their purpose. In the face of that attack, you have the task of defending your tower. By using a marble shot machine, you will shoot marbles to the position of marbles of the same color. The marbles will be destroyed if you form a line of at least 3 marbles of the same color. Destroying all the marbles that the monster is on before they reach your tower means you kill the monster.

There will be useful items that when you shoot at it, you will be able to destroy a lot of marble. For example, bombs with great damage, colored balls and more will benefit you. Collect to destroy more marble and conquer the game.

Various challenging attacks

When you successfully defeat a monster attack, get ready to face a new wave of attacks like in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense. There are up to 60 waves of attacks that you have to overcome to conquer this game. The next attack will be more dangerous than the previous attack as the monster's push speed will become faster and faster. Always remember that if those marbles enter the tower, you are the loser in this game. Therefore, be careful.