Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

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Protect your farm

Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense is a defense game in which you try to protect your home from chicken waves. Create a solid barrier of weapons and destroy dangers.

The Story of Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

You own a wonderful farm when it has vegetables and fruits that no one else has. Flocks of evil chickens are targeting your farm. They want to eat the products you've worked so hard to get. They are organizing into groups to attack your farm. You try to protect your work from their destruction by building a fortified fence armed with weapons.

How you build a fence

You use some of the available money to buy weapons. Then you combine the two weapons together so that they form a powerful weapon. This weapon will fire deadly bullets at those evil chickens for the purpose of destroying them. Keep crafting new weapons and filling your fences. Continue to create new weapons in the same way and fill your fence.

Those chickens will become more and more intelligent as they gather in a group and attack at the same time. Therefore, you should equip as many advanced weapons as possible. If your fence is broken, those chickens will be able to enter your farm. As a result, the game will be over.

Features of Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense

  • Like Tower Defense, this game belongs to the genre of single-player defense games.
  • The waves of chicken attacks will become more and more intense and dangerous. At the same time, your defenses will become stronger and stronger.
  • Buy more weapons to enhance the defense and attack of your fence.