Narrow One

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Narrow One is a great environment for everyone to practice and test their archery skills. This is the most famous game of Pelican Party Studios.

About Narrow One


In a time when technology was not yet developed, the bow was one of the best weapons when it possessed great damage while being able to attack from a distance. The only weakness of this weapon is that it depends on the ability of each person. As the age of technology has developed and invented more dangerous weapons like in Shell Shockers, the bow has fallen out of favor as it used to be as a weapon. It became a human entertainment game. Competitions on archery skills were also held. Narrow One is one of the most popular online competitions in the world. Join this game to test your archery skills.

Hit the target with a bow and get a high score

The game has 14 unique levels where each level will have 1 flag. You have the task of using your bow and arrow to shoot at the required points to get the flag in each level. However, you will still have difficulty when other opponents are also trying to win the flag. Inviting friends to join is a great strategy to take down your opponents. Get ready and join this exciting archery competition.

Some interesting features of the game

  • The game offers many different maps and each map is different. Depending on each map, you will come up with different strategies.
  • You can create a new look and feel to your liking using the extensive character customization.
  • Various archery options are available.
  • Multiplayer feature when the game allows you to invite your friends to join.