Powerline io

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Description of Powerline io

Powerline io welcomes you to the battle royales of lines. Let's strive to be the player with the longest line in this interesting multiplayer io game.

The overall goal of the game

In this game, each player is a line of a different color. Each player's line is the same length when they start participating. After that, the task of each player is to try to develop his line so that it becomes longer and longer. You also have this same general purpose.

Consume other players to become the longest line

To achieve this goal, your line must gather energy particles around or consume other players' lines. So how to be able to eat other lines? When another player's lines collide with you or collide with another player, it loses its vitality and returns to the form of energy particles. You will perform the consumption of energy particles as usual. The arrow keys will assist you to control the direction of your line's movement.

Tips to play

This game has the same gameplay similar to the Gulper io game. Therefore, when you are encountering lines that are longer than yours, stay away from them. It's a good way to protect yourself from the deadly traps of your opponents. However, if you are confident in your strategic abilities, do not hesitate to trap other players and consume them.