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Knock out all opponents in the battle arena

Take down other players by knocking them out of the arena in the SnowBall.io game. Get ready to make a big snowball and throw it into other players.

The gameplay of SnowBall.io

There's a snow-filled iceberg floating in the sea in this multiplayer battle royale game. Eight players will be teleported to this iceberg. Each person controls a kart and has the task of accumulating a lot of snow into a large snowball. The player will then push the snowball to collide with the other players' karts in order to knock them out of the arena.

Like Impostor Battle Royale, the last player to survive in the battle arena is the one standing in the winner position. However, victory is not the end goal. The ultimate goal of this game is to become the champion that no one can beat. Join different battles to fight against many other players from around the world.

Instruction to control

Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse in the shape of an 8 to turn the snow into a snowball. Then navigate the Kart car to collide with other Kart cars. One piece of advice for you when playing this game is that you should choose an opponent with a smaller snowball than you. Thus, the possibility of you eliminating the opponent will be high. Conversely, if your opponent has a bigger snowball than you, stay away from it.

Avoid broken areas in the arena

The iceberg affected by collisions between vehicles will gradually crack and sink into the sea. Those areas that are about to sink will be marked in red. You need to control your car to move away from that area. When the area sinks but you are still there, you will sink with the ice and be removed from the battle.