Stick War

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Participate in the Stick War game to destroy discrimination in the world of Inamorta. Use your strategy to destroy enemy statues and conquer other countries.

The cause of the war

In the world of a stickman named Inamorta, discrimination becomes acute. Specifically, each country has its own strengths and they worship that particularity. However, bad things happen when they always think that their unique craft is better than other countries and they want other countries to recognize it. As a result, wars occur naturally. The winning country will have the right to decide everything.

Defeat the enemy's country army in Stick War

When participating in this game, you are the leader of a country called Order. Your country has been invaded by another country's army. Therefore, your task is to defend your country from the destruction of the enemy. Then join the invasion of other countries to show them your strength.

Each country has a giant statue representing each country. Break that giant statue, you will win. To begin your Stick War journey, tap Campin. Make clever plans and control your stickman army to defeat the enemy stickman army. Of course, do not forget to expand the treasury to have money to buy weapons and build the best defense. Defend your country the same way you protect your farm in Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense.