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Tetris is a classic puzzle game famous for centuries. You are responsible for navigating the falling tetrominoes so that it forms complete rows and columns.

The mechanics of Tetris

When you enter this game, you will see a main area and a sub area. The main area takes up half of your screen while the secondary area tells you the next tetrominoes and your data in this game. Specifically, in the main area, each tetrominoes falls and you are responsible for arranging these tetrominoes so that it forms complete rows or columns. That means there aren't any spaces in that onion or column. When you create any row or column, it disappears and you get some points. The more rows and columns you create in the same time, the higher the score you get.

In the sub-area to the right of the screen, the game gives you the next tetrominoes that you use while playing. Below is information about the level you are playing, the score you received, and the number of lines you have successfully destroyed.

Exciting features of the game Tetris

Change the direction of the tetrominoes

One of the standout features of this game is that you can rotate the direction of the tetrominoes. For example, a tetrominoes is horizontal you can convert it to vertical tetrominoes. This way you can easily arrange the tetrominoes in the best positions.

Many levels

Like the game Crab And Fish, this game also has many levels. However, there is another point with the above game that this game allows you to enjoy the levels at any time. You don't have to go through low levels to play high levels in this Tetris game.