Vampire Survivors

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The Vampire Survivors game is always ready to welcome you to a survival war with vampires. Let's see if you are safe from vampire attacks in the game.

Vampire survival and slaying mission

The game gives an interesting context when you get lost in the vampire world. You are in danger of being chased and killed by vampires. If you can survive in that vampire world for 30 minutes, you win the game. However, it is very difficult to complete this survival mission. Discover interesting things in this game to make it easier to win the game.

How to play Vampire Survivors

Instructions to complete the quest

To be able to conquer this game, you have two ways: kill vampires or run away. However, the number of vampires appears more and more from all sides of you. They surround you so you have no way out like in Bad Egg io. Therefore, the advice for you in this game is to combine both ways to both attempt to destroy vampires and avoid vampire attacks. The more vampires you kill, the more blue diamonds you will collect and also experience points. You can then upgrade your character to become stronger when the attacks are stronger or the movement speed is faster.

You run away because there are too many vampires around you and you know you will probably get killed if they attack you. Don't let yourself be covered by waves of vampires or your chances of survival are very low. Break the vampire's siege and escape. Survive within 30 minutes to conquer this game.

How to control

Moving and attacking are two basic actions. To move the character, you use the arrow key to control it. Your character will automatically launch forward attacks. Therefore, you do not need to perform any attack control. However, if the vampires attack you from behind, you need to navigate your character back to be able to attack them.