Zombs Royale

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Description of Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale is ready for you to join the survival arena. Finding resources and teammates, building bases, and defeating enemies is the job you have to do.

What do you do in Zombs Royale?

To get ready for a battle royale match, give your game character a name that will impress all the other players like in the Venge.io game. Then select the game mode and press play to join the survival game immediately. You will be teleported to an arena that contains all 100 players. In this arena, there are deadly zombies everywhere. Your mission is to try to survive and be the only one left in this battle royale arena. Get ready to explore the arena by moving around, finding resources like guns and other weapons, finding teammates, and eliminating zombies and other enemies.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys = Move
  • M or Tab = View the map
  • E = Interact
  • Left click = Shoot
  • Right-click = Open the emoji list
  • R = Reload

Game modes

This survival battle royale game offers 4 exciting game modes including Solo, Duo, Squad, and Weapons Race. Each mode brings players different experiences.

  • Solo: Many players will compete with each other and only one becomes the Zombs warrior.
  • Duo: You and any other player will accompany each other on the way to conquer the other highest position. When your teammate dies, revive him.
  • Squad: This game mode requires good cooperation between you and 3 other players to achieve the goal.
  • Weapons Race: Finding weapons and upgrading your weapons is the goal in this mode.