Aquapark Ball Party

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The playing instruction of Aquapark Ball Party

Take part in the race between balls in Aquapark Ball Party now. Guide your balls to roll over many portals and overtake other players to reach the pool first.

Choose the game mode and balls

At the start of the game, you need to select between two playable game modes, which is similar to House of Hazards. They are the 1-player and 2-player modes. If you play the 2-player game mode, the screen will be divided into two parts. After choosing the game mode, you need to select your favorite ball. Note that some balls in the shop are sold at high prices. Therefore, you must accumulate as many coins as possible to purchase your favorite ball in the shop.

Start the race

After everything is ready, you can start your race now. Like Kirka.io, this game also matches you with many players from all over the world. In the race in the game, you and the other 8 players will race on the water slide in the water park. Your destination will be the pool. If you can fall into the pool first, you will gain a lot of coins. Therefore, you must try to accelerate your speed while racing. You can collect the speed boosters to pick up your speed. Besides, you also need to take caution with ice along the water slide because it can freeze you. You will be frozen for 5 seconds and this is a chance for your opponents to overtake you. Therefore, you must guide your ball to dodge the ice. Additionally, you will see many portals along the way. The green portals will help to increase the number of your balls while the red portals will decrease the number of your balls. Therefore, you had better try to go through the green portals and evade the red portals at all costs. When you have many balls, you can push your rivals out of the water slider easily. Your ultimate goal is to reach the pool in the shortest time and gain a high rank.

How to control

Press the spacebar to start the game.

PLAYER 1: Press A-D keys to move to the left or right.

PLAYER 2: Press the left-right arrow keys to move to the left or right.