Drunken Boxing

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Have you ever tried or experienced a boxing match? Join this game to experience it. Get ready to be a drunker and take part in the boxing battle in the Drunken Boxing game. Try to the five stars first to be the winner of the boxing battle.

Basic information on Drunken Boxing

As I mentioned above, this game can be seen as a simulation game of boxing matches. The rules of this game are very simple when you play as a boxer and compete with another boxer. The powerful punches you throw and land on the opponent's face or any part of the body will weaken your opponent. Perform combo punches so your opponent doesn't have time to react.

Two health bars will represent the health of each boxer. When the health bar of one of the boxers runs out, it means that the boxer is no longer able to continue the boxing match. As a result, that boxer will be the winner. Just below the health bars is the number of times a boxer wins in a match. The person who can get 5 stars first will be the winner of that boxing match. After becoming a boxer with good boxing skills, you can try playing other sports games like Basket Random and Basketball Stars.

How to play

Enter the one-player mode to battle with any boxer

You access the 1-player button to join a boxing battle with any boxer in the world. In addition, if a boxer is not available, you will face an automatic boxer of the game. You use the arrow keys to control your boxer to conduct attacks.

Enter the two-player mode to battle with your friend

You and your friends transform into boxers and face off against each other on the same computer device. The first player uses WASD and the second player uses the arrow keys to control their boxer characters to conduct attacks.