Tap Tap Shots

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The ultimate information about Tap Tap Shots

Tap Tap Shots is a sports game with a simple but extremely attractive design. You try to hit the basket to score in this basketball sports game.


To play a basketball sports game, we need 3 main elements: player, ball, and basket. In this basketball game, ball and basket are available and it is waiting for you. Come and experience exciting moments of movement with this game.

How to play Tap Tap Shots

The game offers many levels with increasing challenge levels. The level of challenge that is reflected in the basket position will be higher and higher. You have to throw the ball on the ground so that it lands in that basket. Each time you complete a perfect throw, you get one point.

The way to throw the ball in this game is very simple when you left-click to make the ball jump. Clicking repeatedly will help your ball jump higher and higher. Estimate the distance and position for the ball to score. If you love this basketball game, Basket Random and Basketball Stars are two other great options for you.

Put your name in the leaderboard

Each player participating in this game is encouraged to give themselves a nickname. In case, you get a high score in the game, it will be great to see your name on the leaderboard. This table shows the players with the highest scores by day, week, month, and all times. You follow this table to see who are the best players as well as the emerging basketball stars.