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About Wings.io

You have fought and become kings when owning the largest piece of land or the most gold coins. But all of them are just on the ground. Wings.io gives you an air combat challenge where you control one plane to destroy all the other planes. Are you ready on the road to take over the airspace?

It's time to dominate the sky

The air battles of people who have the ambition to become the ruler of the air are taking place extremely fiercely. If you are one of those ambitious guys, choose your username, color, and sticker and join the battle in no time. You take control of a plane to destroy planes being controlled by other players. Control the plane flying around in the sky, picking up weapons left by the losers, and shooting down other planes.

Unlike the movement speed in other battles in Smash Kart or Snowball.io, your plane will move at a fast speed. Get used to that speed to maneuver the plane flexibly, especially in dodging deadly attacks from enemy planes.

How to control

  • Slide the mouse to control the plane to move and change direction.
  • Click and hold the left mouse button to accelerate the plane.
  • Left click to launch the plane's attack mode.

Some popular items that you can collect

There are many types of items that appear that you should collect during this gameplay. Some of the popular but beneficial items are health boxes, people, food, weapons, boosters, and more. In particular, if you are lucky enough to collect a weapon with great damage, you can easily destroy another plane.